Walk with me


Organized by Paolo Tormen, Average mountain guide, Agent of sustainable tourism.

With the earth under our feet, and with our ears, eyes, skin, noses, with all our being, we are walking, in order to meet places, traditions, history, local communities, and to truly re-discover ourselves.
You are welcome to join us, our steps include:

Mindful walking with Paolo. A slow walk, at times barefoot, to discover not only ourselves but also the vital energy surrounding us in places and their history, which open up step by step.

Trekking Yoga : With Paolo&Laura Mindful walking and trekking, combined with yoga and meditation practice, in the open air, in woods, clearings, on the beaches and on river banks.

Walking to know wild herbs: With Paolo and other experts.  Let’s learn about some wild herbs, edible or poisonous, their therapeutic effects, their energy and their spirit.

Walking to discover monumental trees : With Paolo and other experts. Re-discover the Force of Life by hugging trees which tell us centuries of times past, sheltering in their shade., reading the history imprinted on its bark.

Walking with creative arts: Cultural events, exhibitions, travel story-telling, in Valmorel or other locations.

Contact us if you want to organize a day/a week end / a week ’s walking