– Would you like a daily routine of Yoga and Meditation, based on your deepest needs, and suitable for your time available?
– Are you looking for a combination of Yoga and Concentration techniques, which can improve your way of studying and working?

– Do you need a guided relaxation to get rid of your stress?
– Would you like to personalize self-treatment courses?   
We can meet either at Studio Spazio Namaskar (Trichiana-BL), or nearby, or individual sessions by skype, 30 or 60 minutes.

Moreover, together with Paolo Tormen,  Average mountain guide, yoga and meditation practitioner, leading barefooting groups, we can together create and organize days, weekends or holidays  dedicated to Wellness, yoga, meditation, trekking, yoga in  the sea and thermal waters (woga).
We offer these courses in three languages, Italian, English and Portuguese.     

Book now your individual session, contact me!