My presentation

My names’ sound and meaning:
Laura, a soul who is learning with gratitude from life, with Love and Consciousness
– and also Liina my spiritual name that means Full Immersion, and expresses my desire for awareness and sharing which characterizes my journey on this earth.  

At the moment, I work as a yoga and meditation teacher and holistic therapist, embracing deeply roads travelled some years ago. After my degree in Educational Science and Communication and Journalism, I spread my wings travelling and working on humanitarian projects in Africa and Central and South America, and writing my first book, A sud di casa, l’Africa delle donne.

Since then, I have been trained in different disciplines, to allow myself and the people I meet to realize who we really are and to learn how to blossom into a full, vibrant and happy life.

In 2015 I published my second book, Auto trattamento, tra Yoga e Craniosacrale.

I discovered Yoga when I was at university, and it became an essential part of my existence while working and travelling. In 2008 it became an important daily practice and since 2010 it has also become a professional activity.

I trained as Rajadihraja yoga and meditation teacher (in Copenaghen, RYT200) and Yoga and Anukalana (Florence RYT 300) and I did a 3 year course “Academy of Intuitional Science”  (Trento, 250) where a deep study of philosophy, history, powerful tantric meditation completed my yoga path.

After an initial experience in Vipassana Meditation, with a 30 day retreat in Chang Mai in 2006,  I continued my training dedicated to Presence and Stillness, based on a Buddhist approach, completing with Mindfulness teacher training (2017-2019 Mindfulness Association/Innersight)

I also studied Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy (Itado Torino 2009-2012), lymphatic drainage and Thai massage (Ismet Barcelona 2007-2008) Postural Training (FBI Treviso 2017), as well as Voice healing (with Marzia da Rold) and Adaptive Yoga. For further details, here my full CV.

I am a member of YANI Italia (Italian Yoga teacher Association), and ACSI Italia (CranioSacral Italian Association.

I collaborate with other holistic therapists on projects dedicated to Yoga and meditation for companies, Adaptive and creative Yoga for Different Abilities, and Yoga and Study Methods for high schools.