Yoga and meditation


“I am, breathing in and out, living in awareness,
listening deeply, and always coming back to the Center.
Like a wave, like the sign of Infinity ∞,
without judging but rather flowing, liberating, transmutating and forgiving,
with immense gratitude towards spiritual masters who have and still accompany me,
with immense gratitude and also towards fellow travelers”

I propose an integrated approach, which combines different styles and techniques, from physical to psych – emotive and spiritual point of view. What really matters is the person themselves more than single techniques. 

During the lessons there is a symphony of RajadhiRaja Yoga and meditation ( from Tantric tradition, according to Shrii Shrii Anandamurti teachings), with Anukalana and Adaptive Yoga and tips of Ananda Yoga and Postural training; I include, according to the goals’ lesson, guidelines of Mindfulness, Craniosacral protocol as well as self massage, creative expression follow by a deep relaxation and meditation.

Being truly Who I am, with Love, Presence, …. despite some effort, and working with other souls on this journey, honestly and completely, is the life and yoga path that I have being exploring in these years, and which I share with joy.


In all our meditation sessions, we share besides specific techniques, also meditation like Universal Wisdom, a path which leads to expansion and depth, at the same time, a journey to encourage  listening  and sharing, helping us understand who we really are, giving  us an insight into Consciousness Identity and wholeness.

Transcendence of the Here and Now, Devotion toward the Source, Male and Female principle in all things, reconnection with Creation, and with its Essence, gratitude and sharing reflected in simplicity, silence, stillness, concentration, and in full immersion in Divine Love. Meditation can be experienced by anybody, anywhere.
Begin now, experience some meditations here.