Subtle yoga path


Subtle yoga is a multilevel experience which combines different type of warm ups (postural, proprioception, spiral exercises, tips of Feldenkrais, tips of voice healing)  with yoga techniques (asana, mudra, bandha, with breathing exercises, concentration and meditation), yoga therapy and self treatment. Yoga classes are fluid, let us the time to feel the benefits at different levels, as well as to recognize ourselves in the eyes of  other “yoga mates”.

This method is inspired by Kristine Kaoverii Weber (, who has taught yoga and  Behavioral health care in the west for many years (Her organization, Subtle®Health, LLC, provides holistic, mind-body trainings, education, and clinical services with the mission of enhancing community health infrastructure).
Subtle yoga leads to a deep well-being, troughs the rediscovery of the body, the recognition of our Presence as well as the Focus and the fully Skyline of Heart, Mind and Soul; it’s a solid step in your spiritual path.