Yoga nidra


Lying down, in contact with the Earth, listening to silence, to music, to the body ‘s stillness, together with guided visualizations, we enter into a profound relaxation, a window open to truth.

Nidra in Sanskrit meaning wakeful sleep,  is a state in which we are relaxed but as same time connected with our True Self;  rooting in a simply being, a simply reesting,  is possible letting go of anxiety, worries, as well as making space for creativity, love and reconnection.

During Yoga Nidra, the seeds of change can take root in us, by using  a Sankalpa,  by repeating a phrase / image which captures an intention of transformation and evolution both for our own existence and for our community. We practice a short version, 10 minutes at the end of the yoga course, otherwise a complete version consisting in 50- minute sessions.
Begin now, here you can find some guided relaxations specially made for you.